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I suppose that it’s possible that somebody tried to repair this pedal.  I did buy it from Guitar Center used; there were three other Eventide Factor pedals that arrived that day – so I’d think it’d be a little odd to have one of the four – or all of the four with the input power jack replaced.  But it’s certainly possible.

Since the Modfactor didn’t come with an A/C adapter and I didn’t have a 2.5mm tip+ one in my stash I ordered a new one from Eventide.  That Eventide A/C adapter fits perfectly with no issues.  Meanwhile I also ordered the Powermax since I knew I’d likely use that with other pedals; when the Powermax finally arrived, none of the green FLEX cables fit properly.

So I’m not sure how the “2.5mm” A/C adapter and the 2.5mm FLEX cables can both be perfect and too small… and it be a problem with the Modfactor.