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      I’ve got an issue with the Modfactor / Postmax combo…

      I just purchased a new Eventide Powermax power supply and bought a couple extra “green” (2.5mm tip+) FLEX cables.  None of the green FLEX cables – including the ones that shipped with the Powermax as well as two spares that I purchased seoarately – none of them fit my Modfactor snugly.  If I slightly jiggle angle plug cable slightly, the Modfactor loses power either completely – or just briefly & resets after a couple of seeconds.

      By comparison the Eventide A/C adapter fits perfectly and does not lose contact with the same Modfactor at all.

      These 2.5mm posts are really a pain: they are in relative short supply making replacements difficult to find… and yet it seems like Eventide’s own Powermax power adapter with its own Eventide cables should fit the Modfactor just as well as the Eventide A/C adapter.

      Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.  I feel like I effectively have a bricked power brick now.


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi tmart,

      The green power supply cables included with your PowerMax should fit your ModFactor's power jack. 

      Is there a possibility the unit was ever repaired, maybe by a previous owner and an incorrect power jack was installed?  If the power tip is too skinny, you'll run into the intermittent issue you described.


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      I suppose that it’s possible that somebody tried to repair this pedal.  I did buy it from Guitar Center used; there were three other Eventide Factor pedals that arrived that day – so I’d think it’d be a little odd to have one of the four – or all of the four with the input power jack replaced.  But it’s certainly possible.

      Since the Modfactor didn’t come with an A/C adapter and I didn’t have a 2.5mm tip+ one in my stash I ordered a new one from Eventide.  That Eventide A/C adapter fits perfectly with no issues.  Meanwhile I also ordered the Powermax since I knew I’d likely use that with other pedals; when the Powermax finally arrived, none of the green FLEX cables fit properly.

      So I’m not sure how the “2.5mm” A/C adapter and the 2.5mm FLEX cables can both be perfect and too small… and it be a problem with the Modfactor.

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