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jinx1050 wrote:

I am finally thinking of powering my Space pedal from a power brick rather than my eventide plug but whilst my power supply 'Palmer pwt12' will power it just fine I honestly don't know what cable to use. None seem to fit it except the eventide wall power although I have a red cable that came with a t rex power that fits the input. I havent tried pluging that in yet to the actual power. i don't understand about the negative ring etc so could use a little help in finding the correct cable. I am UK based 🙂 Thanks.

We don't recommand users use any other power supply other than our factory power supply or PowerMax. If you use other power supply you may lose your warrenty (if you still have). You will also be responsible for any damage caused by the power supply.

So I've made clear I don't recommand this. If you insist to use your power brick for your Space, this might be what you want: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/1SpotCL6–truetone-1-spot-l6-converter