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Hi again,

I followed the procedure you proposed, unfortunately to no avail.

Cubase will not crash immediately. I can run the programme for some 20-30 minutes and the reverb is doing fine and then iLok will sort of “terminate”.

As soon as Cubase crashes, I’m no longer able to open iLok afterwards. It just won’t respond anymore.

And I was celebrating to soon: also the demo-version of Ultrareverb crashed after some 20-25 minutes!

Of course I made sure (by checking the Help menu), I run the latest version of iLok.

I will now uninstall & deactivate both plug-ins to see, if at least the H3000 is doing its job without iLok crashing after a while.

If that is the case, this would prove that iLok is not the actual problem [Bear in mind, before I registered the channel/reverb bundle I never had a single crash or any trouble at all (using the H3000 plus the same iLok version that is now causing this mess)!].

Tell me, is it possible on your side to remove the purchased (channel/reverb bundle from my account (in case everything fails), so that it won’t appear in the license manager anymore?

Thanks – Juergen

tlongabaugh wrote:

Baak wrote:

So here goes my next attempt:

after I have uninstalled Ultrareverb and restarted my computer, I launched iLok, deactivated the reverb, asked for the demo version of it, activated it and…no problem in Cubase! 

That leads me to the conclusion that the license given to me is “corrupted” ?! 

Hey Juergen-

Thanks for the additional info. I doubt the license is itself corrupted, or the issue here. I think it’s more likely that there is something corrupted in the version of iLok License Manager you installed. I would try the following:

  1. Deactivate UltraReverb and UltraChannel licenses in iLok License Manager
  2. Uninstall UltraReverb and UltraChannel (Control Panel – >Programs & Features->Uninstall a Program)
  3. Uninstall iLok License Manager (Download the latest version of the License Support installer from the front page of iLok.com, then run the “Uninstall License Support Script”)
  4. Reinstall iLok License Manager using the installer you downloaded in the previous step
  5. Reinstall UltraReverb and UltraChannel
  6. Activate the licenses in iLok License Manager, then close iLok License Manager
  7. Launch Cubase

Let me know how that goes.