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John Baylies
macgee wrote:
You could try these ones, I’ve tested them at some point but can’t recall

1426, 1427

3917, 3920

Thanks for the recomendations, macgee. 1427 looks like what I need, since it has eight filter orders to pick from. However, even though the cutoff dial moves immediately with the MIDI CC from XLFO, it sounds like the filter itself takes some extra time to sweep. Here is a recording of what I’m trying to describe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7UcyZyw6Xo

I don’t think there’s any internal MIDI CC smoothing going on, because I hear the same lag when I use my mouse to control the cutoff as well. Is there another lowpass filter with less lag between the cutoff dial and the actual filter frequency?

I’ll look into 3917 and 3920 as well, but that may take a few weeks, and I already have the LFO I need in Max for Live, but maybe 3917 and 3920 have added benefits that I’m not yet aware of.