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Yea I see what you mean – It could be that this is an older algorithm and they’ve applied some smoothing to “DECLICK” the filter when modulating the frequency, not sure.

You could try offsetting when it’s triggered? Just trigger slightly earlier in the DAW unless you’re trying to do it in real time.

There is module in Vsig called MODFILTER that is ideal for filter sweeps and doesn’t suffer from clicking when changing the parameters and as such doesn’t need any smoothing. It’s VERY VERY likely there’s another algo that would suit your needs better (that uses this module) but finding can be a challenge.

I could make one for you in Vsig and share an algo you could try on your H9000 – for some reason when I shared a compiled algo to a user before, he couldn’t could get it work, not sure why so if that doesn’t work you could always load it using Vsig – not sure if you’ve explored the Vsig world but it’s excellent and takes the H9000 to the next level.

MODFILTER Group: Filter Modulatable Filter mfr

This module implements a classic state-variable audio filter. It provides simultaneous lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch outputs. It has variable Q (1/bandwidth) and frequency and has mod rate frequency and q factor modulation inputs.

This is the module to use to create any type of swept filter effects Audio inputs:


The delay input. Mod inputs:


Modulation input for cutoff frequency.


Modulation input for q factor. Audio outputs:


The lowpass filter output.


The bandpass filter output.


The highpass filter output.



The notch filter output. Control inputs:


Controls the cent frequency (or cutoff) of all filter outputs. Range: 0 to 20000 Hertz.


Adjusts how much the freqmod input will modulate the filter center frequency. Range: – 20000 to 20000 Hertz.



Controls how much the qmod input modulate the filter q. Range: -1000 to 1000. Userobjects:


Menupage of control inputs not connected to control signals. (collection) Order:

MODFILTER modulename in fmod qmod freq freqmodamt q qmodamt