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skywriter wrote:
So I’ve read the forum(s) here for a long time and never saw this subject mentioned. So here’s an observation, a request, and a follow up question: Today when I switch apps, or even visit app switcher under iOS, H9 Control will apparently completely restart. This is literally the only app I’ve ever seen do this, and while I understand it might be necessary for back compatibility or to make the app simpler or handling the hardware easier, it doesn’t appear to be normal behavior for a modern tool chain component. Please allow H9 Control to preserve (at least UI) state between app switches. Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks!

Fully agree. At the middle of an algorithm edit job, if I switch to anything else on the phone, the app reopens and I have to start over. Very badly programmed multitasking. Also having to go to settings/blootooth every time to connect to H9 is a pain. No other bluetooth device needs that.