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Thanks pmcculloch…
This was at the default Q of 0.5 so shouldn’t have been that? I should try reduce the gain and see if that makes a difference In case.
I’ll try the modiirq filter as well.
I’m not familiar with Butterworth filter design. Are you able to share a short description of how to achieve that in Vsig land? Everything I found was about the maths or electrical..
Sadly it’s nearly impossible to find Vsig style designs…

pmcculloch wrote:

modiirq is probably going to work better for high frequency sweeps, though you can't control the Q at audio rate.

One thing that's important to remember is that when you stack up filters you're also stacking up any gain that those filters introduce.  (e.g. if you have a Q of 1, you're going to introduce some gain.  More sections = more gain)  If you want a higher order filter that doesn't introduce gain, you might look at something like a Butterworth filter (you would need to cascade multiple filters for that)