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logicbdj wrote:
I could be wrong, but I don’t know if the different colors even mean anything beyond being decorative.  It could be pulsating white, and when I tweak one of the waves (from sine to square) it could change to blue.  I never coordinated colors with functions and the manual does not refer to any such thing.

The Rose / rose color reflects what you have selected in the Shape LED ladder.

From memory (so 100% accuracy might suffer):

  • Blue is sine wav modulation.
  • Yellow is square wav modulation.
  • The envelope follower fades from green to off with input signal strength.
  • Purple is smooth shift random modulation.
  • External is light blue.  The rate or expression pedal position.

The intensity and/or rate is more important (to me) than the colors, and the selected modulation is always indicated in the Shape ladder.  Although … I can hardly read those labels, especially in a darkened venue, so it’s helpful to memorize the mod sequence.  I don’t recall the red / green switch functions offhand.  Pretty much Active status & tap or internal / external LFO settings, if I’m not mistaken.