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llemtt wrote:

bohan wrote:

Have you guys tried SpaceTime, Mod Delay, and ModEchoVerb algoriothms? They can do some of the combinations you guys mentioned.

Yes, already tried SpaceTime and ModEchoVerb but they offer too few parameters to control each (sub)effect to be useful to me:

if for instance I want a tzf into a pingpong delay a FLANGER/PINGPONG with 3-4 parameters to control the flanger and the remaining parameters dedicated to the delay could be ok.

A “simpler” dual-effect algo but with more control would be better than three-effect ModEchoVerb (too much “reverb” based). I love Spring which actually is TREMOLO/REVERB.


Consider then that you can easily build a lot of dual-effect out of your existing algos and SELL each as a different one…


You mentioned also ModDelay but it’s not clear to me how to use it as a dual-effect?



mod delay: i think he is referring to the second post in this thread.

in mod delay, the top row of controls are for the dual delay.   the bottom row is for a modulated effect (chorus or flange).