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cliveluis wrote:

tlongabaugh wrote:

Sorry, I should have been more clear. What I meant is that you don't need to do any editing of the preset files when going between the two – Width will take care of itself.

As far as exporting: Presets saved in H9 Control will not automatically appear in the iOS Files App. You'll have to export them as you normally do from within the H9 Control app. When you later import them into the Files app and place them in the "UltraTap" folder, they will appear in the UltraTap iOS app.

Iam aware of files app transfer, but did not show up


See steps

I emailed A preset to myself from H9 control

saved preset to files app ( location : on my iphone)

Opened blackhole app. It Did not show up in user presets ( in which folder is it supposed to show up)?

I purchased both blackhole and Ultratap

Device used for testing Iphone 8 plus

Ah, I think I know what's happening here – the presets need to be placed in On My iPhone -> Blackhole.

The iOS Files App hides empty folders by default. When Blackhole is installed it creates a folder On My iPhone -> Blackhole, but this is automaticaly hidden in the Files App, because it is empty. To circumvent this, for the moment you'll need to save a User Preset from the Blackhole app (Standalone version, not AUv3). That will cause the On My iPhone -> Blackhole folder to show up – once it does, place your H9 presets there. Then, relaunch Blackhole Standalone, and your presets should appear.

We will look into a way to force the folder appear without saving a User Preset first.

Let me know if you still have problems, or I've misinterpreted your issue.