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Eventide Staff

My apologies – I just spoke to my colleague who works on H9 Control about this, and figured out what is going on:

-The Blackhole App reads .tide presets only.

-H9 Control was updated a while back to export single presets as .tide files instead of .h9z files, but it looks like this change only made it into the desktop version. Since you're exporting on the iOS version, the extension is still .h9z, and thus the Blackhole app isn't reading it.

As a workaround, please save any presets you'd like to import into the Blackhole app using the desktop version of H9 control. I've attached the LAMBOFGOD preset as a .tide file, please let me know if you can import it correctly.

We will release a fix for H9 Control soon. Sorry for the hassle.