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It seems like there was once a good explanation why we cant remap the hardware buttons, but in H9 control, an option for assigning the AUX SWITCH buttons to calling a particular preset…. …….

That actually sounds like it would be pretty easy, no?

And having a ‘Favorite preset’ function would actually be CRAZY AWESOME and solve a problem I have been trying to solve for a while. It would call a specified preset on first press.. and go BACK to the previous preset on second press! That would open the door for expression pedal emulation of a wah, of the Digi Whammy, etc, etc, etc. You guys should do this, though the memory for the ‘previous preset’ might not exisit 🙁

To the original poster.. you CAN use the AUX switches to change ~paramteters~ within a certain algo. though not to change presets.

So if you wanted to go from a long delay setting to a short delay setting WITHOUT loading a new algo, this is do-able many different ways. I think that is the best phase-transistion anyway… because there is no gap while the algo reloads.



Best Way (when supported by the Algo) – use the hotswitch function. 

–this is awesomest, because a single switch can toggle parameters differently on every algo. You arent limited to 2 buttons/2patchs.. but rather 1-button/Infinite toggle options

Second Best – Expression pedal

–Also very awesome for reasons above.. PLUS smooth transitions between the two states.

Third best- Direct Assignmen of parameters using the ‘Aux Switch Papping” function

–less awesome because the button is limited to a very specific function, not necessarily translatable across algos.