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nickrose wrote:

How would you want to turn this local mode on or off ?

Note that we are real keen that all functions can be controlled without the App, even if it makes things easier.


Hi Nick!

On every synth I know something like this would be in the system settings & they are easily accessible on the factors, imo. (Encoder + Right Footswitch).

Maybe after [BYPASS] a new [LOCAL] entry would be the best (on, off). Or if too prominent, tucked away in the [MIDI] or [UTILITY] tree?

The display & the 3 footswitches should of course still show what’s going on on the modfactor, whatever the setting.

A very elegant solution might be that LOCAL OFF only works in BANK mode, so f.e. when you want to edit something on the modfactor you switch to PLAY (right footswitch long press), when you want to edit something on the H9 you go back to BANK mode, if the ‘KNOBS LOCAL OFF in BANK only’ option is ‘ON’. 

i can think of a gazillion uses for this pedal as a controller without sacrifizing the nice effects it does.