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gkellum wrote:

Is “Hotswitch” only triggered by external switch or MIDI? Can it not be assigned a trigger onboard H9 itself?


Currently, the Hotswitch can only be triggered by an external aux switch or MIDI.  There have been users who wanted to be able to trigger the Hotswitch (or the performance switch in general) by pushing the H9’s big knob, but the big knob currently switches the right footswitch from incrementing presets to decrementing presets and it can’t be configured to behave otherwise.

Is this still the case or has anything changed in the meantime? I also thought pressing the large hotswitch button on the unit itself would behave just as perssing the hotswitch button in the H9 control? I was figuring out how to save that hotswitch press to the unit itself but apparently this can only be used by hooking up an extra aux switch or midi?