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Eventide Staff
mterebey wrote:

I've been trying to replicate the effect Yngwie gets with his volume knob on "Echo Etude" without actually using my volume knob. The volume knob on my guitar isn't located in a spot where I can reach it to do the effect. I can get the actual echoes for the song from another delay pedal, so all that I need from the H9 is a short swell that I can wet/dry (or otherwise deactivate) using the expression pedal. 

I thought that UltraTap would be the algorithm most likely able to produce the effect, but no amount of knob twiddling on my part has done the trick. I've got to admit I'm well over my head when it comes to messing with parameters. I might be able to get some cool sounds once in awhile, but it's more or less purely by chance. This specific sound has eluded me (as has anything 'close enough'). 

Have you tried using the expression pedal to control the input volume?