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FatBulli wrote:

Thank you for your rapid replies. So much for me paying attention to new features:-) apalazzolom this is what I was looking for.

Can I ask if controlling inout or ou.tput volume per preset also can be set with min an dmax, like the other parameters you assign to an expression pedal in a preset? 

The purpose is to add volume and increase certain pramaters primarely for leads since I run effects like reverbs and delays post routing in the loop.


I have looked all over for this.

The “trim” parameter in EQCompressor will do this.  So will the “output” parameter in MangledVerb (this can be used as a boost/overdrive if you turn off the reverb portion.  I believe Ultratap (which has a great delay) could easily be modified by Eventide to do this.  I have asked Eventide to consider it but they have not responded one way or the other.

People have asked Eventide to modify the “output” slider for every algo (on the right of the Control screen) to do this but it is apparently not possible.


Good luck!