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Ok thanks for your reply. So transferable algorithms are only the ones connected to an H9 pedal and not the factor pedals? So I made 2 mistakes in a row 🙁 and I will explain now:

I recently sold 2 of my beloved Factor pedals Pitchfactor and Modfactor to free some space in my huge board and trade for 1 or maybe 2 H9 pedals and I forgot i had 2 coupons with 2 free algorithms in each of the pedals to use in H9 pedal which it is on his way from store. This 2 pedals i sold are still registered in my account. In fact not only this two pedals are resgistered but a Timefactor and a space that I still use and love. This was my fault ok but I tought Eventide could fix this for me transfering the coupons to another pedal I still own like Timefactor or Space. So I’m basically wasting 80€ because i didnt know I had to have all the pedals connected when transfering the coupons, I tought the registration of the pedal was enough to use the coupons.

My second mistake was that I just bought the H9 Harmonizer with 9 algorithms in it thinking I could use 8 coupons from all my factor pedlas + 1 from the new H9 and now I can only use 5. So I should have bought the H9 Max.

Well all of this is a bit sad but I know it was my fault because I can’t understand very very well english language and I have misunderstood the rules but I tought Eventide could fix this for me. I still have Phisically 2 pedals + H9 on its way that I will never sell so the coupons could be transfered to this pedals and cancel the coupons on the pedals I sold.

Well I’m devastated crying.