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nickrose wrote:

We have found a possible cause for this problem. And a workaround.

Some MIDI controllers send a double precision (two byte) bank select before sending a Program Change.  This involves sending values on CC0 and CC32. It just happens that Input Swell (ISW) has a default assignment to CC32 – this means that it becomes anabled as a result of this bank select, and the swell is set by going to BYPASS and back. Since the bank is normally 0, this means that the swell is set to zero, hence silence.

The workaround is to go to SYSTEM mode, and set MIDI-RCV.CTL-ISW to something other than 32. Turn it off “—” if you are not using it.

We will change the ISW default on the next release.


I had the same problem when sending PC from my Boss Tube Amp Expander to the H9-max (FW 5.82) that is in the effects loop of the TAE. The solution described worked. Thanks and also thanks a lot for the great new Harmadillo algorithm !