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I don’t think mine does that- are you SURE it’s new?

There are different kinds of actual physical switches- I don’t know if that one was put in by Eventide, or someone else.. but switches with a ‘click’ are not inherently worse. So if it works, and you dont mind the feel of it, it is probably fine.

It does raise the question as to wether this pedal was refurbished or something, That is probably between you and the realtor, unless Eventide used some hard-click switches somewhere along the way, which is unlikely.


IF it was from a reputable realtor, you could go trade it in. 

If not, and you are stuck with it, and you dont mind the feel, you are probably good. IF you hate the feel… those switches are actually pretty easy to replace.

IIRC they are momentary (confirm this).. and only cost a couple bucks. 

THESE are very good, IMO.


Disassembly and replacement is trivial, if you can operate a soldering iron.