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maybe something else going on, I don’t have this experience and find the H9000very usable.

I only use Emote and don’t touch my front panel 99.999% of the time. Switching between pages, making connections and switching algos is all quick.

However once I’ve got my connections made, I haven’t needed to change that just to try a different algo. Basically I select the Algo in the chain, then double click a different one from the list or sometimes I drag a different one on – this is very quick

How do you change algos? 

The In/Out stuff according to the manual is configured at the Session Level, then FX Chains won’t save the In/Out configuration but rather the config within the chain. So save that to the current session; does that work?

On a side Nogte: Just noticed in Account on Eventide under Manuals there’s an H9000 algorithm manual – awesome!


FX Chain

The H9000 allows you to chain up to 4 separate algorithms together into a custom FX Chain. The FX Chain is fed by an audio input, then the audio is routed through up to 4 algorithms, and then finally to an audio output. You are free to decide which algorithms are included in the FX Chain, the order they process the audio in, and even determine aspects such as separate parallel and series audio paths.


A Session is the highest level on the H9000 hierarchy. It saves the entire state of the product at any given moment, including:

• The currently loaded FX Chains (up to all 4)

• The current settings for the parameters within the FX Chains

• The current input/output assignments to and from the FX Chains

• The current state of the assorted global settings

compuman81 wrote:

The emote software is horribly laggy, unresponsive, and slow – even on a modern decked out mac. The layout isn’t exactly user intuitive and I feel like I’m getting 0.5 frames per second just trying to click through or scroll through the FX chains, algo, or parameter views. I get that this is a beta, but it’s damn near unusable for me. I’ve had it about a month or so and I feel like it was just a big waste of money. It takes too much time to mess with the interface to get things done quickly. I want to like this thing but I feel like it would be way easier for me to use a plugin at this point.

The biggest problem I have is that I want to be able to easily setup a session with a predefined set of inputs / outputs and swap chains in and out of those I/O pairs. Trying to edit the FX chain on the computer and and then saving to H9000, then reloading on the unit loads everything except the I/O. It keeps reverting back to AES or ADAT, which I’m not even using. Trying to edit the inputs and outputs everytime I want to test a new chain to Analog 1 and 2 is painfully slow and difficult on the front panel. What if I wanted to try a bunch of different chains on Analog 1/2 in and Analog 1/2 out? I have to sit here and reassign each input/output to every chain, every single time I make any change??

Has anyone else run into the same problems? What is your workflow like? Do you manually sit there trying build chains and setting up the inputs everytime you want to try a new algo? Has anyone else run into the bug where you can’t actually have the interfaces set from emote software on the computer?