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Did you factory reset your H9? Cause that will reset the presets on your H9 as well. We updated the factory preset list in the latest update. Now the 99 factory presets are more useable and up to date including new algorithms like SpaceTime, Sculpt, HotSawz and Harmadillo.


Yes, I did a factory reset and transfered the presets (setlist) from the app- most of them sounded different (especially the verbs) also  when I activated them from the app directly.

However, I updated a few times and only at the last time it worked, so everything is fine now- but for some reason it took a few tries. No problem whatsoever with the older unit (s/n 01…). Somehow the updates always cause a major hickup even though I never do it right away and never before a tour or recording job.

That said- I never got a reply from support and I wrote two weeks ago….