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Thanks for the reply and sorry for getting back late. I just wanted to let you know that I returned my H9000.

Like I mentioned, while I do get the point that a parallel setup is not going to work in my case, I found it to be too difficult to set all the parameters in different locations correctly to make it work even in the serial setup with the correct mix levels.

In the end it would have been a combination of setting the right fx chain and preset mix level plus individual gain on the presets to make it work. Unfortunately I think there are no tools yet within the OS to deal with this effectively and elegantly. Even if I consider saving my presets with modified mix/gain levels that would fit guitar I would need to do the same for presets I want to use with my synth and so on.

Something annoying while going through the presets is in fact that there are enormous difference in levels of a magnitude, which I dont recall from any of my older Eventide units. Apart from this I miss a proper analog stage to control the input levels and to be honest, I was also expecting to see some new FX but in fact it is mostly a H8000 with better routing and interfacing options for now.

While I can see the potential and some good ideas here and there I feel some of the concepts could need some overhauling and definitely the unit would need to offer somethin on the FX side which sets it apart from the H8000 IMHO. anyway thx for the support. Keep up the good work.