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I agree in many cases, particularly when it’s a distinctly different sound like Phaser, Synth etc. When it’s just variations on a theme (like different types of reverb, delay, pitch shift) then not quite as much, when you’ve paid $500 for the hardware already. Comparing to a seperate pedal also forgets that you can only use one H9 effect at a time.

This is not at all to diminish the quality of the work 🙂

Ugh … MANY of the H9 algorithms provide multiple effects at any given time.  For example, Spacetime offers reverb, dual delay, and modulation (basically a chorus); Modechoverb (not to be the master of the obvious) provides modulation (either chorus or flange), echo, and reverb; Spring offers spring reverb and optical tremolo; and on and on.

Also, the H9 now offers 51 algos and something like 1000 presets for that $500.  In a world where many people regularly pay $200 each for one-trick-pony stompboxes, $20 each for H9 algos seems like an unbeatable deal to me.