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bondi5000 wrote:

Hi all,

I've set up 2 x H9s to my DJ mixer which has stereo FX send/returns. The issue I'm having is that one of the H9s is not generating the selected FX. I've swapped both units around and it's still the same unit which is not generating FX. However, if I de-activate the FX then it stops sending through the FX signal from the other "working unit". 

On the face of it this unit looks to be working fine – lal the indicator lights are working etc. Is there a setting in the menu system I'm missing?

I'm guessing that your units are connected in series (one connected to the other which is connected to your mixer – please say if I'm wrong).

Are your units set up the same way, especially the BYPASS settings ? I suspect not. Please re-initialize them both (see UM for details). This may help.