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Thanks nickrose.

This is bad news… I guess I am in the difficult position of having a unit (H7600) that is (a) no longer supported as far as new VSig software updates and (b) doesn’t have a Mac version. I had been waiting for a long time for an easier to use version of VSig for my H7600 but obviously that it not going to happen, and I can’t even run the legacy version on a Mac. I’m afraid there is no solution. I had debated selling my H7600, so at this point, I think I am going to do that as the old VSig is just too difficult to use. I have found a replacement product that’s easier to use. I’ll lose the Harmonizer presets sadly. What is the cheapest Eventide unit that has Harmonizers for whihc you can set the scale/mode? I have presets for say C Myxolidian, so what unit does that that is cheaper? I’d buy a competing product for the main FX, but an Eventide just for the Harmonizers so that I don’t need advanced preset editing software.