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Ha anyone compared VSig3 ease of use versus older versions v1/2(for H7600/H8000)? 

I was proficient with it (on PC) and started investigating creating a library of super-modules so it would be hopefully easy to combine them. Thinking I would have a module for say Phaser, one for Flanger, One for Stereo delay, and I could hopefully combine them easily in a given order. The GUI of the older version was finnicky to do that as it would line up the components in a hard touse manner. I can’t use v3 on my H7600 but would consider upgrading if v3 genuinely offers ease of use. Like Don, I have cab clone on my guitar amp head (Mesa MkV) so I can get best tone without need for amp emulators. So ideally, I’d stay in th Eventide world if editing patches is easier than it used to be.