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      I just wanted to send a note to the team about how incredible VSig V3 is with the H9000. I am an Eventide rack solution novice. I have a bunch of Eventide plug-ins and two H-9s, but never owned a rack unit from Eventide, until the H9000 was released. I was looking forward to being able to use the unit with Dante in my project studio. I have V-Drums, guitar processors, an isolation booth mic, headphone amps, my guitar cab mic and clone output, plus a few other pieces of gear, all going over Dante. I purchased a Dante card as soon as it was available for my H9000R to get full use of the power of sending audio over the network. It’s been a few months of me just playing around with algo’s and FX chains, and it’s been all good fun. I really love the H9000 and all of the flexibility that it has. One of the selling points for me is its ability to just be an in/out matrix for my gear. With all of the I/O capability it’s an integral part of sending and receiving audio to and from almost anywhere in my signal chain.

      As I was playing my v-drums last night, I was using Dante to send a headphone output back to my headphone station for monitoring. The downside was, the bass drum, snare, hi-hat and ride, all are on their own channels, and so in the headphone mix, they sound like they’re panned hard left and hard right (not good). Dante is good at moving audio, but has no built-in mix capability. I started thinking about how to pan the headphone mix and thought that there must be an 8 in / 2 out mixer algo in the H9000 that I could use. Turns out, there isn’t one specifically for that. I thought, I could send 2 channels through each FX chain and mix (gain and pan) them all down to each output of the FX chain, and send all of those back to the headphones. It would work, but it would be incredibly wasteful of the H9000 resources available.

      Finally, to the point. I have only used VSig V3 to review algorithms to see how they’re created. For the most part, I’m overwhelmed by how much goes into an algorithm, but I’m intrigued by the application of modular design and how effectively it can be used, and so I continue to look at algorithms and the modules that they’re using. To get to the point where I could get an 8 in / 2 out algo created, I started with a blank slate (which can be intimidating), and put a stereo mixer on the palette. Changed the inputs and outputs to match the 8 in / 2 out needs that I had. Attached the menus and knobs and had a functioning gain and pan mixer for 8 ins down to 2 outs within a very short amount of time. Most of the time was just spent naming and putting in default values…it was incredibly simple. The iteration of uploading it to the H9000 and checking it all out was painless. Now, since it’s an algo, I can put other 8/8 algo’s in front of it (compressor is a good one for drums) and stereo algo’s after it…too easy. VSig V3 made this easy and the team deserves a lot of credit for building this on Windows and Mac, and making it so seamless. Thank you for enabling the real power of the platform through tools and applications that can be used by everyday folks like me, I feel like I still have a long way to go in learning this stuff, but it’s all up to me. I’m not limited by the tools or platform. The combination of Emote and VSig V3 make the H9000 whatever we need it to be. Powerful, extensible and flexible.

      Thanks Again. Looking forward to when this goes GA!

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks so much for the feedback, that's great to hear! That's a great application of VSig, especially as you were able to free up more alg slots by putting everything you needed into one algorithm. I'm glad it went off without a hitch.

      I hope your H9K experience continues to be as smooth, and we'll keep working to make it even better.

      Happy patching,


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      Ha anyone compared VSig3 ease of use versus older versions v1/2(for H7600/H8000)? 

      I was proficient with it (on PC) and started investigating creating a library of super-modules so it would be hopefully easy to combine them. Thinking I would have a module for say Phaser, one for Flanger, One for Stereo delay, and I could hopefully combine them easily in a given order. The GUI of the older version was finnicky to do that as it would line up the components in a hard touse manner. I can’t use v3 on my H7600 but would consider upgrading if v3 genuinely offers ease of use. Like Don, I have cab clone on my guitar amp head (Mesa MkV) so I can get best tone without need for amp emulators. So ideally, I’d stay in th Eventide world if editing patches is easier than it used to be.

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