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ssgrfk wrote:


I was recently using one of these Strymon DECO effect pedals which has a really nice “Doubletracker” effect where you get a copy of the incoming signal, that you can mix with the original with a wet/dry control and then also control the time of the delay from Zero, sounding like a chorus, up to a short 150ms or so, to sound like a simple tape echo.

obviously, conceptually, its a simple effect.. but the way they have executed it sounds really very good. far better than i initially assumed based on simply reading about.

im trying to recreate this as closely as possible in my H9000 and am wondering if any of you out there have any recommendations for any algorythms to try as i’ve only gone through one or two delays in this quest so far and thought i would ask here.


The micropitch algos could give you what you need

If you read their description; that also gives clues, particularly around the modulation

Another thing with Strymon I’ve noticed when I was using their Harmonic Trem for reference to build in H9k was that they hype the sound by changing the tone. This appears to happen across a lot of their pedals. In fact I built tone control into my algo for this reason

Also, I “think” their modulation waveforms are shaped somehow which makes it more organic sounding??