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Eventide Staff
J20056 wrote:

Just got a H9000R which replaced a H7600. Using VSig 2.4.9, I save a handful of self-developed modules.

The file extension was .sig, although done with v2.4.9.

In v3, it looks for a .sig2 extension and is unable to load my module. The sig2 extension requirement was confirmed by email by Eventide.

However, I fail to see how anyone can migrate modules created with v2.4.9 since it doesn't sve the files as .sig2.

So I simply have no idea what to do.

We changed the sigfile format for the H9000 to help us achieve forward compatibility for sigfiles.

Your previous version of vsig may be able to save .sig2 files – just open the sigfile in vsig, and in the save dialog, change the extension to .sig2.  If this doesn't work, we can point you to a version of vsig 2.x that can do this.  Then, vsig3 should be able to open the sig2 files.

It's possible for module incompatibilites to creep in, depending on the version of the DSP modules you were using when you created those sigfiles.  If you run into difficulties, we can help convert the files for you.  Once they are in .sig2 format, this is much less likely to be an issue, even when the H9000 modules get updated with new software releases.

Let us know how you get on.