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I upgraded to a H9000R from H7600 this week and it is a stunning piece of gear.
I was a bit worried about not having a front panel, but Emote (via WiFi) works flawlessly and quickly, even the I/O meters are responsive enough with no observable latency. Frankly, I never really liked having to scroll forever with the “big wheel” so instead, i use the amazing search function, and I have the preset manual handy. The ability to save both FX Chains and Sessions is very useful.
From what I see in the manual, the Emote GUI is a full replica of the H9000 LCD display, so I am happy with the H9000R having no front panel, haas not been an inconvenience AT ALL so far.
It takes a few hours to become fluent in Emote as far as wiring and I/O but it is cleverly designed. My ONLY “complaint” for the moment is the inability to connect FX Chains as certain guitar presets could use more than 4 algos. I know there is always Vsig as a backstop, and V3 is much better, but the main reason I got the 9K instead of an AxeFX3 is the FX Chain graphical functionality.

So after 48 hours as a new owner, I would say that the H9000R and all the related software are absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with. I believe the combination of this unit with tube guitar amp and preamp (Mesa MkV and TriAxis) Is a better option for me than an AxeFX3, since I don’t need 100’s of amps and cabs modeling and I care more about the pure amp tube + cab feel.