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Thank you.

I was able to install v2.8. 

However, loading the .vsig1 file resulted in many many errors, although the file did load, but I didnt compare line by line versus the v1 version in 2.4.9.

I was furthermore able to save the file as .vsig2. Unfortunately, VSig3 is totally unable to load the file, again getting tons of error messages, but unkike v2.8, it loads nothing.

I think at this point we gave this a fair shot. I’m pretty bummed of losing this one preset that I had built through long nights of learning VSig years ago but it is fine. I am hoping that I can recreate it straight in Emote as it is simply a lead tone (coming from analog input tube amp) with ping pong dealy, plus a pitch shifter to go up one octave controlled by an expression pedal, and lastly and importantly, some rotation type FX to simulate David Gilmour Doppola amps that themselves simulate a Leslie cab. Dunno, feels that with Emote and the wealth of available algos, I should be able to pull that out. Main limitation is inability to connect FX chains.