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pseudoambient wrote:
I have Ableton Live and the H9 connected via MIDI, simply OUT(Computer) -> IN(H9) …

… I create a MIDI clip containing a couple of quantized CC1 messages (RECORD). Using, for example, DUB-MODE in REPL-PUNCH, I want the H9 to capture quantized snippets of sound … I have strange behaviour from the H9, and a kind of MIDI overflow.  What you think? What am I doing wrong?

Very strange.  Sounds like you’re doing everything correctly.  No MIDI loopback.  H9 set to THRU (not the other 3 modes).  A couple quantized CC1 messages (not too rapidly, 127 value long enough to be recognized).  Hmm.  Don’t repeated REC messages shift to DUB?  Maybe a (from the example above – CC#3 – Value 127) STOP message in-between each CC#1?

The MIDI overflow is difficult to diagnose remotely.  It’s been a long time since I used Live … I recall something about ‘kill timers’ at 100 mS.  A MIDI monitor on the output would be your best friend here.  Not sure if there’s one native to Ableton.  WinX or whatever O/S you’re using.  I’d check for Active Sensing, aftertouch, … anything in that clip or output that isn’t CC#1 or (probably) MIDI Clock pulses.