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J20056 wrote:
Ideally, the user would be agnostic to the underlying CPUs and their routing. They would be a “canvas” where you can drop an algo (up to 16 which is a LOT) and wire it wherever you want. That would be the digital equivalent of the analog SwitchBlade with analog/hardware pedals and rack units connected to it. I guess an easier VSig although could be wasteful CPU-wise but easier to use.

This is something we discussed in the early stages of the project, but there are some difficulties with making it work this way.  Connections between DSPs are not the same as connections within a DSP, and while we could hide that from the user, it might lead to some unexpected behavior.  Also, Eventide algorithms tend to combine multiple effects within a single algorithm already, and we felt that combining more than 4 of these together would perhaps not be as musically useful as combining simpler building blocks, so we focused on making Vsig easier to use.  IMHO, ideally we need something that's a level of granularity between Vsig and patching algorithms in an FX chain.

In the nearer term, we are planning to add the ability to connect between DSPs in the next release, so you'll be able to connect up to 16 effects without tying up analog IO and patchbay connections.  This is supported natively in the system, but we don't have a UI for it just yet.