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jbamberg wrote:

Thanks, this is very interesting.  I still think that the very deep users who want this level of customization might be better served with a patching tool that’s like Vsig (or maybe is Vsig) but has higher level modules (each of which can be an algorithm in itself).  For example, that would allow you to route control signals between algorithms, which the other approach can’t do.

That approach sounds great to me, especially being able to route signal between algos

One challenge I have with building my own algos though is they get too big (long menus) and then navigating the UI gets cumbersome – sure this comes down to the builder and both algo and UI are each skills of their own

So an approach like that could make it easier to navigate

Loving Vsig and getting more comfortable. – it hasn’t been the easiest to learn but with more community it could be a lot easier