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Duncan59 wrote:
Hi! I am not technically minded. Many of the H9 presets are far too complex for my tiny brain, and I feel I am tweaking controls randomly. I hate the time-suck and high rate of failure I routinely experience in trying to create workable presets. I would like two things: 1. A slooow phase preset with a basic cycle that takes about 8-10 seconds to get back to the top (or bottom) of the loop. Call it “slow vintage phase.” Find my creation of it with a Line-6 M9 here: https://keyparty-sb.bandcamp.com/track/diamond-eyes 2. Little cursor triggered hover-over pop-up captions for the app that explain the controls in descriptive guitar-player terms, e.g. “increases or decreases the rate of the effect” or “modifies the effect from softly shifting waves of attack to blunt, dramatic strikes.” Meanwhile, what us musical, non geeky consumers have to wade through is a bunch of oblique technical terms that read like laws the laws of physics! These describe nothing by way of practical functionality, so I can’t adjust the preset to resemble what I am hearing in my head. It’s awful, makes me feel stupid and does not result in the sonic beauty I know it could help me create. Do I have to go back to my shitty, but intuitive Line 6 M9? Heaven help us! Duncan, Les Paul / Vox AC player, effects lover.

Hi Duncan 59, maybe i can help. Nice track btw 🙂

Is yours the H9 Max or?