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Eventide Staff
Bodde wrote:

I didn't want to create two topics so I will ask two questions here:

1) Can the delay (or other algos) BMP set to halves also. For example I want to set it to 129.5 instead of 129 or 130. Is that possble? When typing 129.5 in H9 Conrol it is set to 129.

2) With the H9 control on my Mac I can't see the whole screen. I can't see the bottom of the screen. I can click on the green arrow 'button in the top left of the screen then I can see everything. But then it fills the whole screen and it is hard to get out of this screen if you want to open something else on the computer. I think it used to be different? Did this change somehow in a recent firmware? I can't remember that it was like that before. I am on the latest firmware. Would be much more practical if you could see the whole screen in default mode and not having to fill the whole screen.

1) I believe if you type in H9 Control or use a MIDI clock, you can set H9's tempo to halves. However, H9's display and the H9 Contorl will on show an integer. Otherwise the H9 cannot show all digits on its screen and the control won't match the number on H9's display. So the answer is yes, you should be able to set it but it will just show up as an integer.

2) The size of H9 Control's window can be adjusted. Have you tried drag the edge or corner of the window when pressing the "option (alt)" key?