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Bodde wrote:
bohan wrote:

1) I believe if you type in H9 Control or use a MIDI clock, you can set H9’s tempo to halves. However, H9’s display and the H9 Contorl will on show an integer.


1) But if it doesn’t get displayed in H9 control center how do I know if it is set correctly when I type 129.5 for example and it only displays 129?

Well, it is tricky. But you may set BPM 1.0 and 1.9 and compare the result. With 1.9 the things should be aproximately half time than with 1. Or maybe, if you export the patch to text file, there should be the BPM value with decimals. If not, SW truncates inserted value to the whole number.

I understand why Eventide displays whole BPM on both, H9 and SW. It avoids user’s confusion. It might be fine, for those, who use fractional BPM, to be able to set SW to show also decimals. They would know H9 shows whole numbers, while SW also decimals…