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Bodde wrote:

Why not just have the halves displayed on H9 control? I understand why it can’t be displayed on the unit itself. But the way it is now it is useless to use halves if they can’t be displayed. You never know for sure if what you have typred is actually set correctly.

Well, if H9 and SW displays different values, many people would ask why. And complain, that something is wrong. I am SW developer, I have a lot of experience with exactly this thing. So, it seems to me show the same OK, as default behaviour Eventide might allow in user setup to change it, if user desires see decimals.


About the screen: I have tried to make it smaller by dragging the corners in the top. The dragging works but It doesn’t make the bottom of the screen visible however.


I would like to hear from Eventide why they made is so unpractical? And why they changed it? I think it was not like this before.

At this time, you can do it in two steps. First, drag the top a bit down and make dialog smaller. Second, move the dialog up, so that you see also the bottom. (Also maximize window using icon might work or first minimize and than maximize.)

But I agree, that Eventide might improve behaviour, so that the dialog fits the screen. It should not be that much work. In Win, it is few lines of code, 5 minutes of work at most. I guess in Mac it will not be much different…