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I definitely understand that viewpoint as it is totally frustrating when companies change interfaces drastically between releases and nothing is where you expect it to be. Especially for things as critical as audio apps which need to be stable and rely on muscle memory. I’m not looking for the entire app to be re-designed in the way it functions, the workflow, location of buttons and knobs, etc. But a refresh to have the Settings page, pop-up warnings, and all the parts that are “iOS 6-ish” simply updated to look modern would be nice. Right now it just looks a bit weird and unprofessional on modern devices in my opinion. I haven’t seen a single other app nowadays (not to mention one that’s a companion to a $500+ product) that looks like it was created 6+ years ago and never visually updated to match everything else in iOS 7 and beyond. I mean come on we’re on iOS 13 now. It’s time to give the H9 Control a little TLC.