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Eventide Staff
fabiorubato wrote:

Hi, just purchased this and checking it out in Reaper 6. VST3 versions of the plugin aren't displaying correctly…cut off and can't resize to reach their variables. VST2 Elevate ok…haven't checked others yet, but I assume they'll be okay and appears to be a VST3 issue. 



Hi fabiorubato,

This might be related to a Windows 10 HiDPI issue I've seen.  Can you try turning off OpenGL and closing and re-opening the plug-in window?  If it's the HiDPI issue, this should fix it.  If you're having trouble turning off OpenGL then you can copy the "99 Default (No OpenGL).tide" preset to the "00 Default Preset" folder in the presets folder and this should fix the problem.

If this is not the problem, please let me know, and send a screenshot.