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bengarland wrote:

Just got my 2 H9s today and hooked them up to the H9 Control app on my Mac and iPad.

Why the heck does this app have a circa 2012 iOS 6 interface? And why is the iOS interface on the Mac app? This ancient interface really makes these premium products seem cheap, and sends a signal that Eventide as a company can’t be bothered to occasionally update the app to modern standards for products which cost over $500 each. Come on. This is my first experience with your products and it feels like I’m in the iOS stone age. Can you at least put SOME love and care into this app? Is there a plan to update it anytime soon?


I couldn’t agree more. It is so outdated it already hurts. Look how modern the H9000 GUI looks. I think a design overhaul is heavily overdue. It really feels like a neglected product if not kept uptodate. So please eventide give it some love: )