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Eventide Staff
bobspencermusic wrote:

I can't understand how the rhtyhms in the harpeggiator relate to the click I'm sending (via midi clock)

Could you tell me the settings in Harpeggiator where the rhythm will line up with the click? When I change the tempo in my DAW, Harpeggiator also changes to the correct tempo, so there a no problems there.

I have tried it with:

Everything in the right panel set to 0 except Rhythm A, which I have on 05 as that's an even division of the 16 steps in the sequence. Dry/Wet is set to 100% wet. Mix between A and B is A10, Dynamics 0.

I have tried different lengths, but nothing lines up. It seems like it's playing to a completely different tempo.

I want to be able to make live sequeces synced with other instruments, with midi clock coming from a DAW.

Which Pitch Seq did you select? Do you set the Length to 1/4?