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Eventide Staff
bobspencermusic wrote:

I have everything off except for rhtyhm sequence – to make it easy to hear what's going on. I put that on 05, which looks like an even division of all 16 steps. The rhythm I hear has no relationship to the midi clock BPM I'm sending, but the H9 is following the tempo when I make changes to the MIDI clock tempo. The tap light is also flahsing in time with the MIDI clock tempo.

Other algorithms with time like delay and tremolo are locking in correctly with the MIDI clock.

When I set the MIDI clock BPM to 150, I found manually setting the Harpeggiator tempo to 204 got it in time. Anyt thoughts as to what's going on here?

If you don't use the MIDI clock, just set the BPM to 120 and Length to 1/4, and then play something simple through, can you hear two notes in a second? I just want to see if your H9 works correctly without the MIDI clock.