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Okay as the OP I’m chiming in again. I only have 2 main issues with the app:

1) The pop-up notifications and the Pedal Settings and Settings pages look like iOS 6 — just upgrade it to look like standard iOS 13 alerts and toggles instead (and fix the misaligned text on the toggles). Additionally there are just too many settings pages… too much clicking back and forth to change things, considering that there is a huge amount of unused screen space on the settings pages. Many of the settings under “Pedal Settings: General Settings” are simple Yes/No type of things, so why not just put most of those all on one page? e.g. make them a standard iOS On/Off slider toggle within the General Settings page itself, instead of having to actually click on e.g. “Bypass Enabled”.

2) The Algorithms page graphics are mostly unnecessary because they’re all the same, with the exception of some of the H9 algorithms having custom icons (e.g. SpaceTime and Harmadillo) — if you’re not gonna make a custom icon for every algorithm, then don’t do graphics for any of them. It’s a needless waste of space if the graphics aren’t going to differentiate anything.

I actually have no issue whatsoever with the graphics for the presets themselves…. the knobs and sliders look fine to me, and I prefer something that looks a bit realistic since I’m actually using this software to control a real hardware device. I just want to see the above issues fixed so the app looks a bit more polished and less like abandonware.