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Hi Nick,


I hit the update button, but if I hold any other button while it turns on, it stays on, and if I release the button it turns off, so it made me think it couldn’t be a power supply problem, otherwise it would have to hang up anyway isn’t it?


I’m going out to play with my pedalboard this week, so I’ll test it in different places, if it doesn’t work, I’ll look for a new power supply, so I believe next week I can answer you if these things worked out or not


This pedal is no longer under warranty, do you think I can send it back to Eventide and get a new one for a smaller price?


nickrose wrote:

I’m afraid that it looks like some kind of power supply problem.

1) The pedal turning on and off is obviously wrong.

2) Hitting a button and going into UPDATE mode is what it should do. At this point other keys will have no effect.

3) Is the same as (1).

4) Is really the same as (1).

So, either your power suppy unit is no good, or your AC mains is no good.

First, try and connect it to the AC mains (don’t know the local term) somewhere really good, like a modern big building.

If you get the same problem, try a different power supply. Either send yours back to Eventide for replacement or buy one from the Eventide Store (probably cheaper and easier).

If still no good, it has to be a hardware fault in your unit. If it is still under warranty, you might just want to send it back.