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bohan wrote:

Michelle911 wrote:

not well no,  this combined with the fact that putting any m4l device into any set greatly reduces stability.  Max has gotten much better as its developed,  and it can do some neat stuff,  but I honestly avoid using it at all costs.  and to be thorough,  I’ve downloaded and tested every H9 M4L device I could find.

again,  a proper VST would be quite awesome 

Oh, just saw your reply. If you have to use a VST I’m sorry about that. If you want to do automation, you can just use your Ableton to send MIDI CC messages to H9 directly. Just set a MIDI CC mapping for the ribbon (expression pedal).

H9 Control talks to your PC via MIDI, that’s why the USB cable can either used by H9 Control or the Ableton. However, if your PC supports Bluetooth, you can connect to your H9 wirelessly. Then you should be able to use Ableton and H9 Control simultaneously. 


I don’t need to do any automation at this point,  just trying to get some basics working reliably.  One H9 on it’s own seems to work well,  but when I have both H9’s in a set one will stop responding to midi messages.  

My bluetooth adapter works,  but just barely,  it has to be right next to my H9’s to pick them up (it was a real trick setting them both within 3 feet in here! lol).  It’s also very slow,  and (I guess becuase of the range) unreliable.