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entreat69 wrote:

Hi Duncan 59 though I think the Flanger is closer to what you are looking for here’s also Phaser Algorithm version for your H9 to try. Feel free to correct the Tempo if it isn’t 125bpm. Also do change the bar length to suit your purposes. Hope this comes closer to what you intend for your song. Good luck.


Hey Randolf,
I worked with both of your patches and the Flanger was just about perfect. At a show last night that long slow flange cut through the band’s mix like a hot knife through butter, and sounded really good. It reminded me why I bought the H9 in the first place! I need to make that flanged loop a little bit longer if possible, (and will try to figure out the parameters to do this) but it’s otherwise perfect! Thank you again for your helpful soundcrafting,