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Hi Camn,


1) Yes in different algos the midi clock is realiable – Harpeggiator is the only one I’ve used with a problem.

2) I haven’t hooked the clock to a monitor. I’m new to midi and don’t know anything about that process but I’ll learn about it.

3) Different clock sources – I have used 3 different DAW’s as clock sources (I assume this is what you mean by source and not the device the that has the mid port). I tried Ableton, and Mulab. The Harpeggiator problem persisted, but these same DAW’s provided reliable midi clock for my Infinity looper pedal. 

I then tried using logic as the clock source and the Harpeggiator became stable. However, I need to make this work with Ableton for a live show. I have slaved Ableton to Logic as a short term work around, If I can understand why it works with Logic and not Ableton, maybe we can find a solution.

Logic has more midi clock modes than the other 2 DAW’s. The modes are:

Pattern – Quantized clock start based on pattern length

Song – SPP at Play Start and Stop/SPP?Continur at Cycle Jump

Song – SPP at Play STart and Cycle Jump

Song – SPP at Play and Start only

The Harpeggiator works properly on all of these settings except “Song – SPP at Play Start and Stop/SPP?Continur at Cycle Jump”

Ableton has two options for it’s midi clock “Song” or “Pattern” but neither of these work.


4) When you say CC tap – do you mean send tap tempo from the clock source? If so yes. Even though the harpeggiator algo was not playing in time, it was correctly showing the tempo being sent. Inlcuding following tap tempo.


Does this help narrow down where the problem could be or do you still recommend hooking the clock up to a monitor?


Thanks for your help!