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couple of follow-up questions as I am now thinking about putting the SwitchBlade back in service based on your workflow description.

I assume you are talking about the ADAT Toskink cable in a “self” loop so that for example, FXChain1 output could be routed to say the input of ADAT1-2, then FXChain2 could pickup the output of FXChain1 in series by using ADAT1-2 output (itself looped to its on 1-2 input)?

Are you then using the 8 DB25 Analog In/Out to go in and out of the SwitchBlade GL? 

Assuming that is your workflow, my problem is that I don’t have a Dante, and in fact, was using ADAT to connect to my TASCAM DM4800 digital mixer in the control room, so that woud no longer be usable, and as I understand it, I would not be able to simultaneously use another digital output like say XLR AES as the H9K can currently only use one set of digital I/O.

So without a Dante, it seems like I would not be able to use both the SwitchBlade and connection to my DM4800?

Would you concur with my analysis?

Lastly, how do you take signal from the H9K, which is line level and low Z, and inject it in front of a guitar preamp (which is high Z) without a reamp box?